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Jumia makes baking a breeze for you with our assortment of tasty treats, premixed and ready for you to cook up. From sweet to savoury, you can take your pick of breads, cakes, puddings or biscuits. Fill up your kitchen cupboards with PepperST’s easy to stock and even easier to use premix packs.

Whether you’re a pro in the kitchen or an amateur chef, packaged premixes are a convenient and hassle free option. Eliminate the time consuming task of hunting down speciality ingredients and fine tuning them down to exact measurements. Premixes provide you with all the dry indigents you’ll need, right down to the last kilogram, all in one bag. Not only will it save you time, but costs too. You will only be paying for what you need, as opposed to overspending on items that’ll go to waste and you’ll eventually have to throw out. All you need to do is throw in the required liquids and half the job is done. Aside from saving time on looking for ingredients, these easy to ensemble premixes will have you going through it like the flash. It’s quick to whip together if you have guest coming over for tea or dinner. They’ll be leaving with full stomachs, big smiles and well impressed by your freshly baked goods. And you can be left even more pleased knowing you’ve baked up something of professional quality. Or if simply want to satisfy your sweet cravings, PepperST makes it as easy as one, two, three! It’s the perfect goods to have in your cupboard for when the time calls or you’re just feeling creative. Premixes are okay to be stored for longer periods of time, a good excuse to build up a cup board with a wide selection of delicious premixed bakery goods you can whip up depending on your mood.

If you’re hungry to learn the art of baking, premixes are a great stepping stone to perfecting your craft. Gain insight on the precise ingredients to use that will work best and what quantities are sufficient to serve what sizes. When you shop baking premixes on Jumia, you’re guaranteed variety. Jumia gives you a fine selection of goods you can try, so you can expand your baking expertise. If you want try something simple, pick up a cake, cupcake or muffin premix. For a bit of a challenge, you can test your skills with a meringue or macaron premix. When you wake up with a sweet tooth, the waffle, flapjack and pancake premixes make for a great breakfast. Or when you’re looking to impress at tea time, make your own rusks and bread with PepperST’s premixes. Make each premix unique to your tastes by adding on your extra choice of ingredients, or get creative in the way you choose to shape or decorate your baked goods. Premixes are fool-proof, but if you do happen to mess up, Jumia’s online store has plenty more premixes for you to get your hands on and try again.

Make baking a piece-of-cake and save on costs and time by shopping Jumia’s range of PepperST Premixes.