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One of the biggest necessities in our daily lives is the need for groceries and Jumia understands the importance all too well. This is why we are striving to bring you a range of groceries at the click of the button. With a great selection that is only growing and improving with every day, Jumia brings you familiar products that you’re used to finding at your local grocery store.

Look to freshen up your home with a selection of air-fresheners. Get yourself the traditional spray can or opt for the modern automatic sprays that you can set to spray at certain intervals throughout the day. And when you run out, Jumia has you covered with a selection of refill options too.

Treat your little baby to a few snacks too with our selection of baby foods. Ranging from fruity to vegetable flavours, you can give them a snack that’s organic and specifically made to cater to their soft gums and sensitive tums.

Beverages carry us through the day, whether it’s that first cup of coffee in the morning or that last energy drink to give us the final boost of energy to get us through the day. Jumia understands the importance of a good drink. Treat yourself to a range of coffees and teas from reputable and favoured brands like Jacobs and Bos. Or if sports and energy drinks are more your type, enjoy a selection of Red Bull energy drinks or Rehidrat mixes.

Canned, jarred and packaged foods such as honey and dried fruits are often a favourite too. Gluten-free biscuits and chocolate balls to further add to the snack list. Jumia doesn’t only bring necessities but also brings a few treat options that you might struggle to find at your local grocer. If baking your own treats is more your style, then not to worry as there is a wide range of baking mixes too. Delve into the world of cake baking or muffins and cupcakes or perhaps try your hand at baking your own bread. If you’re having a hard time deciding on what to bake, opt for the variety packs.

On the savoury side again, you can find dried beans, grains and rice options, also known as pantry staples and then move over to our food cupboard category to find your range of cereals, snacks, nuts, noodles and biscuits.

Once all the baking and indulging is done, you’ll need to start the cleaning. At Jumia you’ll find key items to keep your living space in top cleanliness. From dishwashing liquid and tablets to cleaners that are designed to specifically clean certain parts of your home. Kitchen cleaners, laundry detergents, bathroom cleaners, sundries and household cleaners and floor cleaners of all sorts ensure that you can keep your home sparkling. You can even find batteries and bulbs, items you might need when doing small DIY tasks yourself.

You won’t need to spend so much time at your local grocer anymore now that you can find a great percentage of your monthly shopping right online at Jumia, and the best part is, it all gets delivered to your door.